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Udacity Giveaway of 100,000 free programming classes to Americans Worker

Hello Guys, this post is just like good news for the American workers. As we know that, how important is the use of programmatic skills and computer-related skills which need to have some knowledge by every individual?

Udacity inc., The profit education organization founded by Sebastian Thrun is going to launch a scholarship for the American workers as part of the "pledge of American's worker" initiative under the governance of President Donald Trump.
Udacity is going to the giveaway of basic introductory technology classes for 20,000 Americans workers applicants every year. This scholarship is reserved for low-income individuals who are looking to advance their skills to implement in real-world problems.

This program will mainly focus on front end development and backend development(web development), android development(app development) and data analytics for analyzing the data which will help them to make advanced their career. There are no prerequisites for these courses to do.

This program is structured in two phases by Udacity:-

Phase 1: 100,000 Challenge Scholarships

The first phase of this scholarship provides access to one of Udacity’s challenge courses in various fields of tech and analytics. These challenge courses provide rigorous training and typically require a few hours of work per week for 2-3 months. Scholarship recipients in these courses will be trained on job-relevant skills in the chosen field, receive a robust community experience with dedicated Community Managers; they will also have a chance to qualify for a full Nanodegree scholarship.

Phase 2: 10,000 Nanodegree Scholarships

The top 10,000 students in the program will earn a Nanodegree scholarship to one of Udacity’s Nanodegree programs in a field related to the challenge course. The Nanodegree programs typically require several hours of work per week for 3-6 months depending on the chosen Nanodegree. These programs offer a world-class curriculum, a groundbreaking classroom experience, industry-leading instructors, expert project reviews, and a full suite of career services.

The main of Udacity CEO Gabe Dalporto is “With the right skills-based learning programs, career advancement can become accessible to absolutely everyone. I’m confident that Udacity’s tech and analytics scholarships will provide every recipient with the chance to learn new skills, launch or advance their career, and unlock their potential in careers that will remain in demand as technology continues to evolve.”

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