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Top 5 Google Product For Students

Hello guys, Let's talk about some Google products which are really very helpful for students. Being a student, there are many things that they have to do like presentation, translation or many other things. Here Google products are very useful for students and professionals also.

Google Translate

Google translate is an online translation service of Google in which users can translate one language into others. Google Translate is available in 104 languages. Students can take benefits to translate and learn other languages words easily from here. It has different functions like website translation, handwritten translation, image translation, mobile app translation, speech translation, and document translation.  

Google Classroom

Google classroom is a google product that aims to simplify creating, distributing, sharing, and grading the assignments to every student and reduce paperwork. Google Classroom has many different products which make it more usable like google drive to share and store the data. 

Google Slide

Google slide is a presentation program offered by google drive. Slides are used to create and edit the presentation. This aims to have to make a presentation online no matter where you are at that time. This is just like the Microsoft powerpoint presentation which is Microsoft product. It is available in 83 languages. It is compatible with android, iOS devices as well. 

Google Docs

Google Documents is also a Google product that is part of a Google suit. It allows the user to edit the document online while collaborating within real-time. It has a permission system to allow others to edit the document to wok on the same document. Whatever the edit is going on document is saved during editing. It is similar to Microsoft office word document that works offline while it is a web-based software. 

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a google spreadsheet program that is mostly used for tabling the data, visualizing the data or many more. It is compatible with Microsoft Excel. It is also available in 83 languages. This can be opened or shared by multiple users. Having the feature os automatically saved in all G-Suite software. 

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