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HTC Brings Inexpensive Blockchain Mobile Phone

Hello guys, HTC a Taiwanese computer manufacturing company brings a new cheaper blockchain phone(HTC Blockchain Phone). HTC launches a cheaper version of its blockchain phone that is Exodus 1s.

HTC is bringing out a cheaper version of its blockchain-friendly smartphone in a bid to entice the people hesitant about buying cryptocurrencies and expensive flagships from the likes of Apple and Samsung. The Exodus 1s doubles as a hardware ledger and this time around have a few other cryptos tricks up its sleeve. But more on that in a bit.


In the case of specifications, 1s offers multiple features to its users. 1s users will get snapdragon 435 chipsets along with 4GB of RAM, The screen is a 5.7-inch HD+, coupled with a decent 64GB of storage. Exodus 1s still on the micro-USB port and has 3.5mm audio jack.

When we talk about the camera, Exodus 1s offers a single 13MP PDAF snapper on the back and has the same on the front without any autofocus specialty , but complete with an LED flashlight. It has 2 sim slots with 4G plus 3G dual standby, having a Wi-Fi ac with  Bluetooth 4.1 and last, but not least, a 3,000 mAh battery. It comes with an android version of  8.1. 


The big difference here being the inclusion of a hardware wallet and Bitcoin node access. “We gave users the ability to own their own keys, and now we’ve gone one step further to allow users to run their own full Bitcoin node,” HTC’s Phil Chen said in a release tied to the news. “We are providing the tools for access to universal basic finance; the tools to have a metaphorical Swiss bank in your pocket.”


According to HTC, Exodus 1s is the world's first mobile phone that can run full Bitcoin node, which shows that all transactions you can do on your mobile phone without using the third party. They also confirmed that Bitcoin node features will also support to the original Exodus too.   
In HTC Exodus 1s, the owner can store different types of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, stellar, litecoin, etc. 
HTC Exodus 1s brings with the whole Bitcoin ledger, but to use it, you have to get a microSD card with a minimum of 400GB of storage, that doesn't come with the phone. 

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