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How to invest in Bitcoin?

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Today we are going to write about Bitcoin SV(Santoshi Vision). Recently some years, there is a buzzword in the market to invest in bitcoin. Businessmen are crazy to put their money in bitcoin to back more return from bitcoin. Is it safe or worth it? None actually know about how its algorithm works.
The world-famous American investor Warren Buffet says that "bitcoin is a ‘gambling device’ with a lot of frauds connected with it" and also term bitcoin as "Rat Poison Squared"

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is discovered by Santoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Bitcoin is a digital, virtual or cryptocurrency that means, neither you can touch it nor you can see it. It is only used on the internet or through the internet. Bitcoin is only stored on mobile apps or websites where you can see the actual amount. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency without any type of bank or authorities that can be sent one to one user on peer to peer bitcoin network without any need of intermediaries. Because of not centralize authority on bitcoin, fluctuation in the value of bitcoin is very high, sometimes more than 30%. It is not a stabilized currency. You cannot predict or calculate the value of 1 bitcoin at a time. When I am writing this blog, the value of 1 bitcoin... 
1 Bitcoin equals = 5,76,631.65 Indian Rupee
1 Bitcoin equals = 8,141.64 United States Dollar

How Bitcoin Works?

Bitcoin is cryptocurrency so it definitely working on some high levels algorithm which prevents unauthorized duplication of bitcoin units. It is very hard to break and solve the mathematical concept behind the algorithm to manipulate the bitcoin supply or currency.

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin?

There are different ways to buy and sell bitcoin.

  • Just go to websites or platforms where you can easily buy bitcoin after submitting the real money such as Coinbase, Unocoinetc. 
  • Sell the goods or you can take digital currency in return from the buyer and the same as for selling the bitcoin.
  • Earn bitcoin by mining, Bitcoin mining is the process of adding transaction records to the public ledger or past transaction or blockchain. 
  •  There are many online platforms where bitcoins are not acceptable to sell and buy.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin

  • Liquidity is very high.
  • International transactions are easier than others.
  • You get return high more than others. 
  • Transparency is very good there.
  • Having lower transaction fees. 

Disadvantages of Using Bitcoin

  • High Risk at bitcoin to invest. 
  • Used in the black market to make bad your reputation.
  • Used by Hackers to manipulate.
  • No recovery of bitcoin account after forgetting once.
  • There is no authority to centralize it.


After all, it's up to you to buy or sell or invest in bitcoin. There are many merchants that accept bitcoins. Bitcoin make you rags to riches and riches to rags also.  

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