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Google Clips Camera: The End

Hello to all my friends, Aren't you surprised from the headline of the post that is The End of Google Clips Camera. But, what is Google Clip Camera and why is it going to happen?

Google Clips is a type of miniature clips on camera developed by Google and release in the market for sale on 27 January 2018. The Camera's feature of 1.55μm pixels, autofocus.  The Google clip camera can be connected by Wifi and Bluetooth LE. It has a storage of 16 GB and recording up to 3 hours. With a flashing LED, which indicates it is recording the video, Google Clips automatically captures video clips at moments its machine learning algorithms determined to capture short videos of precious moments with your loved ones. The main aim to install this camera at home is that one does not think more worry mort about lovely moments of their life.

Google retired the google clips camera from google online store on 15 Oct 2019 it hardware event. According to reviews of various people, it would not be up to mark on the perspective of its working.
Jay Peters the author of Verge said that his colleague Dan Seifert found that Clips didn’t capture anything truly special over a couple of weeks of testing. My colleague Sean Hollister felt similarly, saying that, out of the 500 clips he took while reviewing the device, there were only “maybe a dozen I truly loved enough to share.” Priced at a rather steep $249, both reviewers found it hard to justify the Clips’ high cost.
We know that most of my readers also don't know about this camera of Google because it's not famous like other products of Google or its working factor also responsible for the Rest In Peace. Overall, I can say that it is not surprising the end of Google clips camera. Atlast, One more product of Google is buried in Google's Graveyard

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