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Digital Marketing Project Ideas for Students

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing fields because of its usability. Digital Marketing is nothing but taking marketing online through the internet and selling your products through many strategies like SEO, SEM, backlinks, link building, etc. Most of the students and professionals are confused after doing the course about the projects. We know that without a project making any course pursuing is not complete. After researching on the internet, books and another resource we made a point about how one have a good digital marketing project ideas 
Today we are talking about some projects for students and professionals after doing Digital Marketing Course.
Some suggestions for digital marketing projects are given below you can pick anyone to practice.

Digital Marketing Projects are not like any other technology projects, they differ because of their impact on websites are very long and always learning process. When you get hands-on different digital marketing tips and tricks you…

Digital Payment Without Internet

Today I am going to write about a very interesting topic i.e. Digital Payment Without Internet. There are so many digital payments in India like by using a Credit card or debit online. Every mode has its constraints like one of the most important is the Internet.

Is It Possible to make a digital payment without Internet? We already know about digital payment or transaction through internet. Still, there are many regions in India without accessing the internet. Suppose there is one person who cannot access the internet then what... Is It Possible to make a digital payment without internet?  Of course Yes!!!

This problem is solved by Tone Tag. This is a Bengaluru based financial technology company is set to introduce sound-baseddata transfer technology.  This technology is very easy to use as easy as making a phone call.

Which technology is used by Tone Tag?

Tonetag enables to do contactless payments without internet. There is voice pod which you can use to make a digital payment withou…

Google For India 2019

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google conducts an event namely "GOOGLE FOR INDIA" in which google announce their new updates, services, and features of their products for India.

Google For India 2019 

Google conducts these events to make India a capable digitally. This year 2019, Google announces a lot of things about their assistant, lense and pay as well. This event is very successful and prominent for our country. 

One of the very interesting announcements by google is about 'Google Research India'  in which Bengaluru based center will focus on the advanced fundamental computer science research in our country. This project aims to develop and build the Artificial Intelligence community to solve the problems of our country. This Project will be led by Dr. Manish Gupta.
This is very interesting updates with the google assistant. Now you can easily talk with the Google Assistant in many regional …

Space Station Of India

India to have its own Space Station: ISRO
India is going to make its own space station by 2029 said by the ISRO.  This will be a great achievement for India and beneficial for future experiments.
What Is Space Station? Space Station is an aircraft in which an astronaut do some research for some time. This is like a hotel for space traveler. This is also known as an orbital space station or orbital station. These stations have docking port to allow other space crafts as well to supplies and crews. 
How many Space Stations are there in the Space?  Till now, there is only two space station present in space. 

International Space Station(ISS) is a multination project. This project is completed between 1998 to 2011. Major countries are USA and Russia who sent their 145 and 46 astronauts to do research there. It is placed in low earth orbit. Almost 230 people have visited there in which Kalpna Chawla and Sunita Williams are two Indians also visited there. 

Tiangong 2is China's project of …

Role Of Video In Digital Marketing

Video Marketing or Go-To Marketing Tool is one of the great strategies to make your brand viral easily.  It is just using the videos to promote a brand or product. For that to make digest, this fact makes you clear that everyday user spends 1 billion hours on Youtube to watch videos. To perform this strategy, one should have the proper knowledge of video marketing.

Why Video Marketing?
 A video impacts much on the customer than a display banner, poster or any other thing. Video is very interesting, engageable content that gives a real-life situation for the customer which can imagine by customer. Easy sharing capability of video across multiple platforms makes it worth for digital marketers. With video advertising, you can advertise according to your field or a specific type of your brand.

Also Read About Display Advertising Types of Videos There are plenty of videos on the internet but the goal of your business to reach more people or engaged with many customers.  Explaining Type video…

Joker The Malware Or Virus

The name Joker reminds you about the villain of Batman Movie. Is it right? But, this Joker is something different from him. Joker of Batman is villain to humanity but this Joker is so much dangerous to android world or we can say the villain of android world.
Malware is the type software designed to make damage to software, computer, server or network etc. It contains different type of software Trojan, Virus, JokerVirus, Spyware, Ransomware etc. What is Joker Malware?

Recently, Google deleted 24 apps from play store which affected from this malware.Joker is a malware that has ability to infect android user by steal their data, messages, contact and infect device also, Overall this malware affect your privacy.  It also make the user signup for premium subscription without having in the knowledge of users. This virus is affected users in 37 countries and India is also in that list too. There are the list of application which found affected by the…

Hologram or Holography

In this blog, I am going to talk about Holograms or Holography. This is very inspiring technology. Before Holograms, we need to understand about that How we see objects?
The light rays propagate in a straight line.When any object comes in its path of propagation, it reflects back alter striking the object. The reflected rays come to our eyes and we see the objects around us.
What is Hologram?

Hologram is a recording of light field in 3-D rather than images which is formed by some lens. The technique to make or practice Holograms is known as Holography. Hologram looks exactly like a real object and human can confuse to identify the object is real or non-real. There are many movies in which we already seen this technology and how exactly this looks like such as Spider Man Far From Home. Projector is working one dimensional that's why it if not a hologram otherwise it's a good example of that. 

How Hologram Works?
Hologram are 3-D images that have been projected on 2-D surface.

Transparent Displays

What is Transparent Display?

In very simple meaning, A glass with an electronic display which allows users to see back views also(transparency) with a front view of the screen.  Transparent Display is nothing but electronic display which allows users to see on the glass screen while still being able to see through it. This is also known as See-through Display. This technology is not so new but its use not as much till now. Although different companies like Samsung, LG are working on this technology for their product but they are no up to the mark. We have already seen this technology in movies like Avengers.

Why this Technology is not much growing till now?  Actually, the need for this technology is not as much. The main problem with this it needs light to work on like if this technology is used in mobile then there is a need for the backlight to get easily display visible but we can see the screen of mobile like as we see X-Ray in the presence of light. The main reason for this techn…

Display Advertising Or Display Marketing

In the series of Digital Marketing today we are going to understand about the display advertising.
How Display Advertising enhance your business to reach your goals?

What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is nothing but the simple advertising of your brand or product on different websites or apps in the form of banner, images, text, flash or short video... The main purpose to give a general description of your business to the customers.
It helps to know your business by the people, make a great impression or message about your business to them.

Who to Target? From the starting, you must know what you want to achieve from this advertising so that you can easily target your audience. DA makes you sure about your existence to the customer and your business can be recognizable. Now you can do your display advertisement on the websites related to your business thats an easy way to advertise. Just check out the other business and do some analytics so that you can put some missing t…

Captain Vikram Batra(PVC)

This post is all about Cap. Vikram Batra(PVC). Today is his Birthday. He will always be remembered as a Hero of the Kargil War.

Captain Vikram Batra(PVC)- The Name of Chivalry  Captain Vikram Batra is the name of Bravery, Pride and Heroism. He was the hero of the Kargil war during 1999 in Kashmir between India and Pakistan. 

He was born on 9 Sep 1974 in a small town in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India. His Father name was Girdhari Lal Batra and mother name was Kamal Kanta Batra. He had one brother and both had a nickname Luv(Vikram) and Kush(Vishal).  he had done his middle standard in D.A.V. Public School in Palampur and then senior secondary education at Central School, Palampur. He was interested in the defence from his childhood. He was very active and always wanted to be ahead in every field. He graduated from DAV college Chandigarh in BSC Medical science. He was the president of the youth service club in his college. He was also an NCC Cadet of Air Wing. During the Inter-State…

Mission Chandrayaan2


This mission of ISRO is one of the great achievements for India and humanities also. Somehow this is not fully completed by just 2.1 km to the moon and soft landing of THE VIKRAM is not completed.  In this blog, we are going to tell the whole thing about chandrayaan 2 mission and ISRO. 
CHANDRAYAAN 2 ISRO stands for Indian Space Research Organization is the space agency of the government of India and have headquartered in Bengaluru. Chandrayaan 2  is an Indian lunar mission and which will go to somewhere where no other country has ever gone before i.e. South Polar Region of Moon. This mission has an aim to collect different data and new discoveries from the moon which helps India and whole humanity for the future.  As we know after Chndrayaan 1 mission have discovered the existence of water on the moon so we need more information from this mission. 
Why explore the South Polar Region of Moon? Because of this region surface area remains more in the shadow o…

How to Earn Online without Investment?

Earning is the thing that everyone wants to earn to raise their expenses and fulfill their dreams. So why don't we go online!!!

Earning online is not so easy but it needs to put your mind to make content, more research, thinking for a particular thing, knowledge of the use of tools for a particular platform. How to earn money online in India without investment. In this blog, we are going to see some ways to earn money online.

1. Freelancer:                                   One of the best online earning source to do freelancing. In this, you have some skills to do work according to the field and then make your account on freelancer and showcase your skills if any customer interested to make project by you then do the settlement with money and earn from them. Some platforms for freelancing areFreelancer and Fiverr.

2. Blogging:                               This is very good for who like to write something for that they like to research. In this, you can write anything according …

How to get free Gun Skins in Pubg?

Here is the blog for who plays the most interesting and thriller game none other than "PUBG" 

Player Unknown's Battleground(PUBg)is an online multiplayer game which you can play on both desktop and mobile also. This is developed by PUBg Corporation and this game inspired by the 2000 movie BATTLE ROYALE. The main feature of this game which makes it more interesting that you can talk to your friends while playing it and make a strategy to beat your competitor. PubG lite is good for beginner and good for one who has less space in the mobile.
The developer of this game releases updates more quickly which makes it more interesting. Gun Skins is one of them. But What is Gun Skins?

Gun Skins are nothing but the cover of a particular gun or any weapon. This makes you feel great when you have a different looking weapon than others. Every player wants to have the gun skin or armory. How do get free gun skins?

There are 2 or 3 ways that you can implement to get that:

1. Direct Purch…

Top 5 Websites to Download Movies Free

In this busy world, everyone wants to get away from stress and wants to enjoy then movies play a very important role. Sometimes some movies inspire someone to do something that they are not going to do ever. There are so many movies in both Bollywood, Tollywood, and Hollywood. today we are providing the information of the top 5 websites to download these movies.

1. Khatrimaza:                                This is one of the most used websites to download different types of Hindi, English, Telugu, some tv-series and dubbed movies  You just go to the website and choose the category according to content, quality and much more.

2. Telegram:                          It is a very easy method to download movies from telegram. You just make an account on the telegram on the website or you can just download the application then join the channel free and start to download the movies. The most interesting thing about the telegram is you get released movies in just within 24 hours. Tv series a…

IAF inducts 8 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters

And here is the big news coming from the Indian air force. Today is the induction ceremony of Indian Air Force to induct some apache choppers.

IAF PRO, Anupam Banerjee said, "It's a ceremonial induction of the aircraft into IAF. As of now, we've 8 aircraft. The other aircraft will come in a phased manner and all will be inducted into IAF. We had attack helicopters earlier, but this aircraft brings in lethal firepower with great accuracy."
IAF is inducting 8 AH-64E Apache attack Chopper. The remaining 14 choppers will be inducted till 2020. The helicopter is inducted at IAF Pathankot Airforce Station.

APACHE HELICOPTER This is a great revolutionary development in the field of the air war. It is designed to survive in worse conditions like terrible weather.  It is enabled with the thermal imaginary system. It flies with 280km/h. Apache cant be easily detected by Radar. It is one of the finest attack helicopters. 

WHAT IT MEANS FOR INDIAAir Chief Marshal BS Dhanoaon Mo…

Is Email Marketing effective?

Part - 2 In the previous blog, we already know about email marketing, now we can start the email marketing campaign. An “email marketing service” can guide you through the process from start to finish. In this blog, we are going to talk about email marketing tools also that provide you with insights into your customer behavior so that you can fulfill their expectation from you. 

Started to make a database that store customer information and database needs to include an email address for each contact. Different services need to take other information also. Now you have the emails of your customers then you give them the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe by themselves.  Most email marketing services provide an online form that you can add to your website and take specific information from the customer so that you can sort them. After that, on the basis of details, you can send mail according to their details and it helps to increase subscriber. That's why we can say more data …

How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini?

This blog is very strange for me and but it is very interesting to know about all the stuff...

Dorian Rossini ??

Dorian Rossini is a singer, musician and famous for singing different types of songs. He was born on December 13,1990 in Nice, France. He mostly sings religious songs and has faced severe backlash for this reason. He is also famous for his controversies and has a nickname called Controversy King.
Once he said around in 2012 that he is a Personification of God and in that year, he appeared nude when he was being cast for the 5th season of Angels, which is a TV reality show.

Why Do People want to take a selfie with him?
The whole story started from a conference where he gave an interview and in that Dorian raises the question "How to take a selfie with Dorian Rossini?" and this comment has started a trend of having a selfie with the star and after that, he got so many new followers on instagram and twitter. 
Steps to take a selfie with Dorian Rossini:-1.Photoshop:     …